Thursday, March 17, 2011


We know on our last show, Tom and I said we would only be doing Escape Pods till the end of the year, but on a last minute whim, well, we changed our minds. So here is Episode 26: "Fan Films Strike Back."

For this show, our main review will be on two fan films. If you follow us on our Facebook page, then you already know that we are doing the two listed below. Hopefully, you got a chance to watch them, if not, then click on the links below to be redirected over to Youtube and check them out.
Essence of the Force:
Death Star Repairmen:

In the gaming news segment, I mentioned about THE OLD REPUBLIC, well you can use the link on our sidebar to head over there.

Also in our small news segment, I promised you pictures of the Hallmark Christmas Ornaments. Reminder that there is no link on this image. You can head to your nearest Hallmark Gold Crown Stores to pick one, or all, of these up.

Lastly, Tom told you about the new novel coming out by Joe Schreiber, Red Harvest. This is going to be a prequel to last year's Death Troopers novel. Below are links to chapter excerpts.
Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:
Chapter 4:

So that's it for this episode. We also made a big announcement, but you will need to listen to the show for that. We hope you enjoy this show, and be looking for our next episode on December 28th. Hmm? Why does that date sound important? I'm sure it will come to me, and you, once you listen to this show.

So as always, May the Force be with you!
(Show Notes Modified from Original Hosting Site; Original Post Date: 12/3/2010)

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