Thursday, March 17, 2011


Hey there EU fans. Tom and I are back with a full show, Episode 25: "We Couldn't Think of  a Title." On this show we have all of our standard segments and we review the trade paperback, RITE OF PASSAGE.

During our email segment, one of our listeners brings up "The Jedi Path" book, which neither Tom or I have yet purchased, but below is a link for you to check it out.

We also mention how a major character from the EU will be joining the animated Clone Wars TV show, to the left is what he will look like. Let's hope George doesn't mess up this character we have all come to love.

Here are the books and comics Tom will talk about. Some are out, and the rest, on their way. Also, with the "Lost Tribe of the Sith" PDF, check the Sidebar on our site for the direct link for the download.

Now for gaming news, there was a lot released for the MMO, so head on over to THE OLD REPUBLIC news section for the latest updates. Below are some direct links for two videos and the timeline entry for Exar Kun, which is really cool. And if you listen to our complete show, you might want to watch all three.
Video 1:
Video 2:

Also in gaming news, I give my thoughts and impressions on THE FORCE UNLEASHED II. This comic strip I found on the XBOX 360 Facebook page, says it all.

Well, that's all we have for Episode 25. Be on the lookout for some Escape Pods coming out between now and the end of the year. We will not be having a "standard" show until sometime in January. However the Escape Pods we are planning will have some news, reviews, and hopefully some special guests. And if you have an idea of a fan film you would like reviewed, let us know.

May the Force be with you!
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