Thursday, March 17, 2011


Yes everyone, we are still alive, and here is our next show to prove it, Episode 29: Forcing the Issue.

In this episode, we will be having our normal segments of Emails & News, however we will be forgoing any review this time to have a discussion on the Force with a couple special guests.

In our news segment, Tom starts out with the latest release dates for the some books, comics, an e-book, and a short story by Timothy Zahn, entitled, "Judge's Call." Which can be accessed by going over to our Facebook discussion page. The e-book is the next book in the "Lost Tribe of the Sith" series, Sentinel. Since the e-book is now out, use the picture link below, or the sidebar, to access the PDF file.

Continuing with our news, I bring you some mini-bust info for collecting. See links for more info.
Aurra Sing:

And for gaming, just the typical updates to THE OLD REPUBLIC website, mainly the Flashpoint missions. You can use the picture link below for the TOR Flashpoint missions. For the other updates talked about, use the Holocron link on the sidebar of our website.

So that wraps up this episode, we hope you enjoy it. Be looking for an Escape Pod in the next few weeks on the comics Star Wars: Jango Fett and Star Wars: Zam Wesell. Until then, May the Force be with you!
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