Tuesday, February 7, 2012


We know, we know, we know... we're late... again! But hey, better than never, right? Well, you decide. This is our first "Real" episode in the new format. Let us know what you think of Episode 34: "No Prisoners"

On this episode, we will review, or shall we say, talk about, the novel "No Prisoner" by Karen Travis.

Also, we discuss the below items in our, "Previously called News Section, but now it's just a free for all talk about whatever we come up with" section... hmmm.

Kinect Episode 4 Duel Video:
Star Wars XBOX 360:
 The Old Republic WIKI:
Dawn of the Jedi: Crimson Empire:

One of the items talk about is the Keyboard, Mouse and other released for the PC. Use the pic-link below to head over and check them out. If you want to buy them, hope you bring you credits... lots of credits.

If the Link doesn't work above, click here: http://www.razerzone.com/swtor
Well, that's it for this Episode. Hope you enjoy it. And, as always, May the Force be with you!

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