Thursday, March 17, 2011


Hey everyone, we're back! Not that we really went anywhere, we just had a bunch of real life issues get in the way. So now that, is out of the way, here is Episode 28: "Jaster's Legacy"

Before I get into the bulk of this episode, I would like to direct you over to a Facebook page. Rob, who has done many voices for our show, is showing off his artwork, and we think you should check it out.!/pages/Sasquatch-Artworks-Rob-the-ToonMan/137886556271277

In this episode, we will reviewing the trade paper-back, JANGO FETT: OPEN SEASONS. We'll also have your emails, news and the return of our Encyclopedia moments.

Now, with our news segment, Tom has the latest release dates for the below books.

He also lets us know that the Republic Commando entry over at is back up. You can click on the RC image and head over there to check it out if you have not already done so.

And for gaming and collection news, I let you know about the release date for LEGO STAR WARS III: THE CLONE WARS, some really cool new characters for THE OLD REPUBLIC & good articles too (which you can click the Holonet image below and check them out), and also I give you Gentle Giant Mini Bust & website news. Use the links below to snag them up.
Wicket Mini-Bust:
Battle Droid Mini-Bust:
Republic Commando Scorch Mini Bust:

Well, that's all for this episode. We hope you enjoy it, and please send us in you emails and comments. So as always, May the Force be with you!
(Show Notes Modified from Original Hosting Site; Original Post Date: 2/1/2011)

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